It does make me blush every time I wear a cap around a lot, like a baseball cap. There is a line in the song where he says ‘There’s fewer more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap,’ So I always, every time I hear that line I go ‘Damn you, Pete for writing that and making me feel shame.’
— Daniel Radcliffe about The Libertines’ Time For Heroes (2014) [x] (via 1ibertine)


my favorite meme is being included

Why you keep tagging gifsets as youre gifs? Not every gifset that doesn't have a source means it's yours

chill m8 i deleted and my gifs are floating around  

im so done with mad men 

the gay dude in mad men is so stupid ugh

i love metronomy so much i have been listening to them since i was like 9 years old im not kidding and im gonna see them live hell yeah motherfucker

i cant remember my paypal pass fuck this im out